Grass cutting
Services include weekly grass cutting, string trimming, edging of driveways, sidewalks, and walkways in order to leave an attractive appearance and curb appeal. Services start at $35 per week.

Perforating the ground and removing cores of dirt in order to allow water and nutrients to penetrate the top layer of your yard to promote a healthy lawn.  This service is best before overseeding and after dethatching for best results. Services start at $65.

When grass is mulch mowed, and not bagged, the larger clippings accumulate and create a barrier on top of the ground preventing nutrients from reaching your lawn, causing discoloration and an unhealthy environment for your lawn. Services start at $65.

Best done in early spring or late fall, overseeding helps to give your lawn a natural protection against weeds and crabgrass by eliminating the available ground space for weeds to germinate and grow.  Overseeding is needed in order to give you a thick, lush lawn. Services vary depending upon the materials being used.

Crabgrass and Weed control
Pre-Emergent is essential for a lawn that may not be as thick as you desire and is experiencing a problem with dandelions, weeds, and crabgrass.  Do not use Pre-Emergent before overseeding.   Pre-Emergent prevents seeds from germinating – including weeds, crabgrass, and grass seed. Services start at $65 per application.