Services are available for the entire season or per visit.  Typical per visit rates start at $35 and depending upon factors like the depth of snow and the length and width of the driveway – prices may increase.  Snowplow markers are available to clients, but if you have your own – you are welcome to place them, or Greathouse Services staff can place them for you.

  • Contract
    20 Plow seasonal contract – Contracted clients are given top priority and never need to call for service.  Drivers will be out to service your residence every time two inches of accumulation occurs.  Typically, services are completed before 6:00 am in order to assist in getting clients on the road to work easily and on time.
  • Per visit
    Clients in need of services must call or text Greathouse Services to be placed onto the list of clients for the day.  These clients will be serviced as quickly as possible.
  • Gravel, concrete, asphalt driveways
  • Shovel apron, sidewalk and walkway, and stairs as needed
  • Rock salt and Concrete safe de-icing agents available

Emergency services are available 24/7 with drivers on-call to meet your needs. (including holidays)